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Treatment Options for Pregnant Women

Posted by admin On May - 20 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Pregnant women deal with many issues during the standard nine month term. How to eat, exercise and the changes happening to her body are just a few. A major challenge is the limited options she has to medicate or treat medical situations. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques that can bring relief without harming the baby.

Motivational Interviewing

Guidance when dealing with life changes and bettering the mind and body can prove to be incredibly effective. Getting the mind in sync with the physical aspects of daily life can help create a sense of awareness and start the implementation of activities to eliminate stresses or pains.
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Effective Hearing Protection Tips

Posted by admin On May - 19 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

hearing protection

A human’s inner ear is made from several parts, but one of the most important is the cochlea,  the spiral portion of your inner ear. Your cochlea has 2 kinds of hair cells: inner hair cells and outer hair cells. It’s these hair cells that are damaged by prolonged exposure to loud noises.

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Tips for Better and Faster Runner

Posted by admin On May - 18 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

women runner

Regardless of your purpose for running, there’s a certainty that you want to make serious strides to become a better runner. Well, the truth is, changing into a better runner is a pretty simple endeavor.

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