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Fish Oil Supplements Health Benefits

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fish oil supplements

Fish Oil Supplements contain Omega 3 fatty acids and are found to be helpful for strengthening of bones, managing the heart and a few time even to solve minor infertility problems in men.

Typically, omega-3 Fatty acids may be found in the green leaves of plants like algae, phytoplankton, grass a seaweed. this is food that we as humans are not generally designed to eat. However, this makes grass-fed beef, bound types of fish and pastured organic eggs a great supply for Omega-3′s. unfortunately, poor meat quality and over-consumption of fast and processed foods result in the lack of these essential fatty acids in our diet.

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Health Tips Prevent Yellow Teeth

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prevent yellow teeth

Enamel is the hard surface that covers the skin of teeth, and it’s thick and clear after you are born. Underneath the enamel is dentin, that is yellow. Sadly, enamel doesn’t regenerate over your life, and eventually teeth become yellower as different issues thin the enamel layer and create the dentin layer become more visible.

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